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The history of Cuban cigars is one of uncompromising quality and skill, handed down from generation to generation. Armando Cardenas is the son of Marcelino Cardenas and has learned the craft over the past decade. Each Cardenas Cigar is hand-rolled to perfection with the finest long leaf original Cuban-seed tobacco.

Our cigars are completely hand rolled in the Cardenas Cigars Factory. Each and every cigar is a blend of the finest hand selected tobacco ingredients. Using the best blend of Cuban seeds, fresh tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Cardenas cigars are carefully and lovingly prepared. Cameron, Ecuador, Indonesia and Connecticut natural and maduro leaves are used as wrappers to create a smooth and glossy finish. The optimum blending in the fillers, binders and wrappers produce the special medium-to-full body flavor cigars with pleasant, nutty taste that is the signature of every Cardenas cigar. Being hand-rolled in America has given this product line nationwide attention. The Cardenas Double Corona has been featured and reviewed in the most popular cigar magazines and websites. Cardenas Cuban Round is as close a representation to the quality and strength of the finest cigars created in Cuba.